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Why Virtual Reality Gaming Needs Bare Metal Cloud

Posted by Adrien Tibi

For many game designers, creating the most lifelike, realistic and immersive gaming experience
possible is the ultimate goal, and now, with the emergence of virtual reality (VR), they are on the very cusp of making that dream reality.

In its simplest form, VR is the construction of a computer-generated three-dimensional environment with which you can interact in a seemingly real or physical way. In years to come, the only real limit to what will be achievable within VR parameters will be the developer’s imagination, but currently the technology remains very much in it’s infancy, and adoption will largely depend on the hardware and infrastructure solutions, and quality of the overall experience.

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Virtual Reality

Although it’s (almost) impossible to predict which platform will revolutionise the gaming landscape, the virtual reality argument has some pretty compelling advocates. Capcom, EA, Warner Bros, Square Enix, Bethesda Softworks and a whole host of other game designers have already pledged their allegiance to the VR movement. This introduction of virtual reality into mainstream development has helped to cement its place as the future of gaming, but has also posed some very real questions about the capabilities of current gaming infrastructure.

The visual quality of gaming is increasing all the time, and, as each generation of technology is launched, the graphical-software requirements continue to rise. Virtual reality is no exception, and, as VR is the new gaming technology on the block, it should come as no surprise that even the most conservative estimates indicate that it may require seven times the power of a normal game. This approximation directly corresponds to the extra processing power CPUs require to process VR content effectively, hence why a more powerful, bespoke solution is required.

Why Bare Metal Cloud?

The greatest challenge that VR developers face is providing a seamless experience for users, with low load times, high frame rates, a stable connection and as little lag as possible. Delivering this experience depends largely on the scalability, availability and performance of your infrastructure and network, and failing to cater to any one of these requirements can significantly impact user-experience.

Since the introduction of virtual reality into mainstream development, the raw horsepower and availability required to deliver these conditions has grown significantly. Meanwhile, highly-scalable solutions which adapt to notable variations in day-to-day traffic are becoming accepted as part and parcel of gaming set-ups. As these requirements scale upwards, so must the server solution.

Bare metal cloud provides true infrastructure as a service, upon which be developers can create bespoke solutions that meet their performance, availability and scalability needs. Bare metal solutions can be tailor-made to cater for the creation and development of games which require superior power and greater flexibility, such as VR.

Ideal for Gaming

Virtual reality has brought us to the brink of technological revolution, and with it, previously unthinkable game development possibilities. Today, many game designers are embracing the VR movement, and trying to tackle the challenges presented by an increase in server hosting requirements and the subsequent problems that this presents. Bare metal cloud enables CPU-intensive gaming workloads to function seamlessly, with greater stability, efficiency and reliability.

Bare metal solutions encompass the whole server hosting environment, from your dedicated gaming servers and storage appliances, to the applications needed to monitor and optimise performance, monetise moments and deliver advertising. Bare metal cloud is the ideal server hosting solution for game designers and developers looking to create the most authentic virtual reality gaming experience possible, while ensuring that user-experience is maintained. To learn more about bare metal cloud and its application within VR gaming, contact us today.

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