The Highest Performance at the Lowest Cost – Guaranteed

We own our supply chain end to end so guarantee to provide the lowest cost for any solution – challenge us if you find an equivalent solution for less.

Our hand-picked server hardware, tested and benchmarked for every generation of technology, packs the latest CPUs, the highest clock speeds available and fast DDR4 ECC RAM and is chosen for horizontally scaling, performance-sensitive applications and databases.

With our fully bespoke, automated provisioning platform, we can get your custom servers built, racked and installed so you can scale your environment in-line with your workload demands and enjoy massively scalability as part of your bare metal cloud environment.

Use our dedicated servers as part of your bare metal cloud environment and connect them to best-of-breed storage and networking solutions to optimise your applications and deliver the ultimate cloud platform.

Pure Storage, Dell and EMC storage options cater for ballistic, high-IOPS applications all the way through to ultra-dense capacity, archive storage solutions.

Purpose-built, nationwide Cisco networking provides low latency connectivity between systems, all protected by Arbor’s industry-leading DDoS mitigation.

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Lowest Cost Dedicated Server Guarantee

As part of the UK’s largest independent hosting group, we leverage our buying power and ownership of infrastructure to be the most cost effective choice for dedicated servers. We guarantee to beat any costs for a like-for-like hosting environment.

Our industry-leading control panel has been developed over the course of fifteen years. Extensive automation and streamlining of our internal systems not only reduce the amount of administrative tasks and allow us to be a lean, asset-provisioning machine, but provide complete control for your servers and bare metal cloud.

Further automation and integration with your internal systems is available through our API, making your bare metal cloud a seamless extension of your internal systems.

Install Any OS

Once your physical environment has been determined, there is no need for onerous provisioning tasks to be performed by your technical team. Create your own images to automate and deploy any operating system you require, or select from our pre-built library of the latest operating systems.

The automatic provisioning of customised templates is made possible through our high-capacity out-of-band management network, provided as standard to all of your bare metal cloud servers.

Networked Your Way

The benefits of a bare metal cloud are extensive customisation and flexibility. Using our vast Cisco fabric network, you can enjoy the massive throughput of private connectivity to create high-capacity internal networks.

Complicated becomes simple, with the ability to create your own private network that can span multiple data centres within our dedicated UK fibre network. Whether it’s VPNs or MPLS circuits spanning across multiple data centres and your offices, or custom fibre channel connectivity to your storage devices in your bare metal cloud, complete security and privacy of your data is ensured on our latest generation Cisco network.

Premium connectivity from our super-fast global network, with huge capacity and low-latency performance, ensures your end users the best possible experience with the ability to move beyond 10Gbit/s connections to the public internet.

Completely Customisable

Our team of Cloud Architects is available to help you design and build your bare metal cloud environment, with the option of tailoring the server hardware to optimise your platform for your chosen applications.

We have over a decade of experience of providing infrastructure for traditional web and RDS platforms, as well as for the new wave of NoSQL clusters such as Hadoop, Vertica, Mongo. So we can assist in identifying bottle necks in your platform and provide solutions to remove any performance barriers in your applications.

Fully Accredited and Secure : PSN and N3 Certified, ISO Accredited, PCI-DSS Compliant...

Our data centres, network, and platforms are amongst the most accredited in the UK. Whether you or your end clients require the certifications and accreditations, you can entrust your workloads safe in the knowledge that your data, and your customers’ data, is protected by our wide portfolio of accreditations. From PCI to ISO, OHASAS to Cyber Essentials, we meet and exceed the requirements of dozens of industry certifications.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 20000-1
  • ISO 27001
  • Cyber Essentials
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • ISO 22301
  • Data Protection
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 17788
  • ISO 17789
  • SAS 70, SASE 16
  • SOC1
  • SOC2

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