Collecting, storing and analysing data from hundreds, thousands or millions of internet connected sensors calls for a dedicated server environment that is natively big data and high performance.

Whatever your Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, the volume of data generated is unprecedented in its scale and dispersity. Gathering and using data from devices demands connectivity and compute solutions that go beyond the capabilities of virtualisation.

Global Connectivity

Our 10GB UK fibre network, tier 1 peering and transit partnerships, and global presence provide the perfect backbone for your server hosting infrastructure. Wherever you deploy devices, we are close by with high-bandwidth, low-latency network connectivity.

Big Data Ready

IoT connected devices, no matter how simple or small, produce large volumes of data. The power to collect, store and analyse this is essential. Big data NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and MongoDB, and powerful analytical solutions like Qlikview and Tableaux are native to bare metal platforms.

Single Tenancy

Harnessing the potential of the IoT means creating the capability to cope with an always-on stream of data and to process it in real time so that insights can be gained before it’s too late. This isn’t a job for hypervisors, shared resources and multitenancy, you need the power of bare metal cloud all the way.

Build your bare metal cloud

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