Our wholly-owned fibre network, which connects all of our UK data centres, offers speed, resilience and flexibility between our locations. So customers can enjoy ultra low-latency for all bare metal cloud environments stretched across multiple locations.  With connected leased lines, expand your office LAN to a superfast, resilient UK WAN.

Extensive peering and a blend of tier 1 transit providers deliver over 100Gbps of ultra-low latency bandwidth capacity to all of our UK data centres, with a global network offering low-latency to on-net locations in the USA, Middle East and Far East.

Private Networking

The latest generation in software defined networking from Cisco allows for all bare metal clouds to enjoy hyper-fast internal networking between servers and switches, as well as seamless interconnections across data centres.

Create your own, bespoke high-performance private network across any of our locations and enjoy fully-redundant, low-latency connectivity inherent to our network.

Machine-to-machine communication, file storage, database replication and backups can all be performed without the concerns of jitter in the network, as we run with an abundance of capacity to ensure that our network is optimised for highly scalable, burstable workloads.

Private networking is available with all server hosting and colocated servers.

MPLS Connections

Connect your office LAN to our network with a leased line and enjoy a fully extended UK WAN, with secure and private MPLS circuits that allow your bare metal clouds to serve as an extension of your own internal network.

Bare metal clouds can be stretched throughout the UK and, using our on-net locations in the USA, Middle East and Far East, can be globally deployed with minimal hops between transit providers.

DDoS Protection as Standard

In the modern internet, DDoS protection isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Any network disruption to sensitive hosted environments wastes the efforts to optimise the bare metal cloud environment and causes frustrations for end users.

The importance of connectivity to the cloud means we provide a standard level of DDoS protection, supplied by our sister company Arbor Networks, to all customers as standard. For customers requiring highly-tuned implementations of Arbor, customised DDoS profiles can be created to ensure platforms are completely free of disruption.

Arbor DDoS solutions are enterprise-class, providing a full suite of comprehensive tools to give our network teams unparalleled visibility of network threat detection.


IPv6 Supported


Floating IPs


Direct Ethernet Connections

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