Enterprise Solutions Without Complication

Our UK data centre estate runs to 8 wholly owned facilities, with a dedicated fibre ring around them. You can’t out-grow our server hosting capabilities.

Extend your office connectivity into our network and enjoy a highly-available, fully-resilient bare metal cloud environment on an MPLS network that turns your multiple-office organisation into an effective, stretched IT environment that spans across your workforce.

Whether it’s massively powerful, parallel computing capabilities or web applications delivered with assurances for 100% availability, our expertise spans a full range of service delivery options but without the prohibitive cost of corporate organisations with vast administration overheads.

No sales people means you deal with technical consultants who want to solve your hosting problem, using the right tools for the job. Whether it’s public cloud, a bare metal platform, or a hybrid cloud mix, our staff are targeted on customer satisfaction not commission. So you receive advice that is in your long term interests, not the short term interests of a pay packet.

"Use the Right Tool for the Job" Mentality

The hosting industry is a service industry. Service businesses thrive on long term customer satisfaction, customer retention, and word of mouth recommendations. Our sales staff are solution architects who understand when to choose a bare metal cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid mix.

No two businesses are the same. Take two identical platforms, one utilised by a business keen to hand off all responsibility for the hosting platform and one with a business keen to control the physical hosting environment – they achieve the same thing but take completely different routes.

We are here to listen, understand your problem and deliver the best long term solution to your problem, with no vendor lock-in and a genuinely agnostic choice of platform.

Bare Metal Mathematics

The only way to beat us on cost is to provide an inferior platform. We own our supply chain end-to-end, meaning there are no middlemen to inflate the charge to customers.

Fully owned data centres, a wholly owned and managed network, massive procurement power and all of our staff situated in our data centres mean that you can be assured of the lowest possible price point for every type of solution we build for you.

Automation Delivers Value

Our systems are designed to provide as much customer control as possible in the most efficient way. We have developed our bare metal management tools for over a decade, winning awards along the way.

Software defined networking is a concept that’s new to the industry but has been our competitive advantage since 2006. Our control panel provides for rapid provisioning and change management in a highly streamlined, automated process — keeping our overheads, and your prices, as low as possible.

Part of the iomart Group

The personal and flexible approach of an SME but the financial transparency, vast phyical infrastructure, and focus on security and accreditations from a Plc – the best of both worlds.

Wholly Owned UK Data Centres

No third parties anywhere in our supply chain, guaranteeing you a true ‘one stop shop’ from the ground to the cloud, which keeps our costs to customers low.

Super-Fast Nationwide Network

A superfast, highly secure, massively scalable, multi-data centre, UK-wide fibre network that is fully owned, managed, and maintained by our network division.

The Best Dell Servers

Latest generation Dell hardware with complete customisation and control over the specification, with a huge stock of hand-picked, high performance ready-to-deploy servers.

NVidia GPU Technology

A partnership with the world’s leading GPU technology vendor, Nvidia, to bring the infrastructure and expertise of high performance computing to a wide array of applications in industry.

Cisco Networking

A massive capacity, DDoS protected low-latency network powered by the latest generation of Cisco’s software defined networking to provide highly autonomous scaling capability.

24/7 UK Based Support

UK support staff at our datacentres 24x7x365 – available by email, ticket, or telephone whenever you need assistance.

Experienced Support Staff

A complete suite of certified and accredited technical professionals covering infrastructure, solutions architects, devops, sysops, and support.

No Minimum Contract

Flexible, pay-as-you-go bare metal infrastructure pricing models that are cheaper than the equivalent public cloud services.

Build your bare metal cloud

Speak to an advisor for a completely free consultation or create a free account and start configuring servers now