Hybrid cloud platforms are fast becoming the best blend of hosting platform solution to deliver the benefits of both the public cloud and a bare metal cloud environment – giving the highest returns on investment but also catering for massively scalable workloads and very low cost development environments.

Being a leader in bare metal cloud platforms, having direct connections to Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure, and providing consultancy services to architect all clouds to match workloads with the most suitable platform, Redstation is the Hybrid Cloud Provider of choice for UK businesses that are serious about their applications’ hosting environments.

Hybrid for Varied Workloads

Not all workloads are the same. Running everything on either virtual machines or dedicated servers will not deliver the best performance or ROI. Instead, run your flexible workloads, like web servers, on massively scalable public clouds while running your BI, big data or database applications on powerful, cost effective, bare metal server hosting environments.

Maximise ROI

Don’t believe the hype – public cloud comes at a premium due to its ease of use, on-demand elasticity and burstable features. Being able to move appropriate workloads to infrastructure that is always on, without bills sky-rocketing, ensures you make the most of your bare metal cloud environment and a portable architecture is needed in your cloud design to maximise ROI

Shared Networking

Host bare metal and virtual servers on the same, high-speed network, even across multiple data centres. Private, high-bandwidth networking between your virtualised application stacks and bare metal clusters ensure your hybrid cloud delivers cutting edge performance, but with the maximum utilisation of underlying hardware to drive efficiency and keep costs low.

Automated Provisioning

Our server automation, intuitive control panels and API make managing your hybrid cloud solution easy. Standardised images can be deployed in either virtual or bare metal clouds allowing for quick deployments and movement of workloads to the most appropriate platform, so the management of physical infrastructure is as effortless as your virtual machines.

Public Cloud

When public cloud represents the solution for some of your workloads, make the most of our direct connections to AWS and Azure and architect your application to utilise the best of both worlds. Our AWS and Azure certified staff and solution architects can help you leverage the public cloud giants as a part of your hybrid solution too.

Build your bare metal cloud

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