From single servers to full racks, house your already-owned infrastructure in our data centre and enjoy the same security, accreditations, data centre reliability and connectivity as our bare metal cloud solutions – with the ability to provision additional infrastructure on-demand from our range of hardware offerings.

Re-purpose your own IT infrastructure into our leading facilities without the headaches of managing a server environment.

World-Class UK Facilities

Industry leading infrastructure, N+1 design, 24×7 staffing. All of our fully-owned and operated UK data centres meet ISO90001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 standards and have the levels of resilience and redundancy you would expect from an organisation responsible for over 30,000 physical appliances.

Ensure that your mission-critical servers and hardware are always available, and capable of coping with network demand, by placing them within our robust, scalable infrastructure.

Our UK colocation sites are: London, Manchester, Maidenhead, Nottingham, Gosport, St. Asaph, Glasgow and Leicester.

International Locations

Wherever you do business, Redstation can provide server colocation services to support you. Our global infrastructure reaches to all major US, European, Middle Eastern and Asian hubs, all connected by Tier 1 networks and managed by technical experts.

With the ability to provide on-net locations across the globe, we can link your UK environment with other locations without the disruption caused by erroneous hops in the network chain, for added stability and improved speed of troubleshooting global networking incidents.

Our US colocation sites are: Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, New Jersey, Virginia, and Sacramento. Worldwide we have sites in Dubai and Singapore.

Flexible Networking

All colocation customers receive access to our industry-leading, wholly owned fibre network as well as our tier 1 transit and peering partners, including the ability to add additional infrastructure on demand.

Join your office connectivity to our network through a leased line and have the ultimate low-latency, low-cost UK WAN solution.

Hybrid Cloud

Difficulty migrating, or need short term infrastructure to cater for high workloads?  Not an issue.

Our engineers can provision any hybrid cloud infrastructure you need, alongside your own colocated hardware. Integrate your colocated servers with any combination of dedicated servers in a hybrid environment that can be networked in a fully bespoke manner.

Build your bare metal cloud

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