Make your business data more accessible than ever, viewing dashboards, KPIs and analytics anywhere, any time with your own BI cloud. Analyse every impression, interaction and transaction, with the applications of your choosing.

Redstation’s bare metal cloud removes the traditional barriers to effective, timely businesses decision making with always available, highly scalable BI server instances on our high-speed global network.

BI Consultancy

Our team are experienced in Cloud BI deployments and have hands-on experience with leading analytics packages including Qlikview, Tableau and Birst. Our BI advisors can help you to specify the perfect platform for your chosen solution or, if required, help you select a solution to meet your business goals. To arrange to talk to an advisor, click chat or request a consultation below.

From Data to Decisions

Unlocking the potential of cloud BI demands that infrastructure is optimised at every step of the business intelligence workflow, from data collection through to the dashboard and decisions they enable. Our range of dedicated servers and GPU servers, SSD storage options and low-latency network provide the ideal foundation.


Business intelligence data is sensitive data. Redstation’s server hosting is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified, meaning any business can entrust their BI data to our cloud, safe in the knowledge that it is protected at all times.


Real time decision making demands BI that is instantly available and up to date. Every component in our network is engineered for high availability and protected from DDoS attacks as standard, meaning you can expect to access your data at any time.


Private networking within our fibre-connected data centres and MPLS links to your office mean your BI cloud can be on your network, providing seamless and secure access for your business analysts. With our tier 1 transit and peering, you can extend access to your BI globally.

Build your bare metal cloud

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