Streaming media, live or on demand, requires a stable high-quality network that you can depend upon and huge transit capacity to make it cost-effective. We understand that any interruption in service will cause an interruption to your business.

From core to edge, our global-reaching, hyperspeed fibre network, with in-line DDoS protection for minimal latency, lets you enjoy the low-jitter, massive throughput that you need to serve your market – all at a fraction of the cost of public cloud.

Global Reach

Thanks to our carefully chosen premium transit providers, with 24×7 network monitoring by our teams, you can be sure that you can deliver your media to your customers the moment they click Play. Low-latency and high-quality peering remove any worries about buffering or drop-outs.

Scalable Origin and Edge

Our server hosting network has the throughput and scalability you need, wherever you need it. Cache your content in strategic network PoPs across the globe to deliver your latest content to end-users, with the option of direct connects to public cloud and other CDNs; send data across the globe without it costing the earth.

Cost Effective Storage

Media is being encoded and stored in larger formats to deliver the highest level of quality to end users, as their connectivity capabilities increase.

Store and replicate your media content across highly secure dedicated server facilities, at a fraction of the cost of public cloud solutions, and enjoy a reduction in costs-per-GB rather than a linear increase in costs as your media library grows.

Video on Demand

Deliver a world-class video on demand service that engages your users by delivering content when they need it, and not when there is available network capacity. Our network has low contention and massive capacity for sustained and burst throughput.

High quality, on-demand content without the prohibitive bandwidth costs from a public cloud platform.

Build your bare metal cloud

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