Capturing, storing and analysing the petabytes of data produced by today’s applications and devices is the key to identifying and predicting valuable trends that can transform customer experiences. Bare metal cloud performance and convenience allows you to create an environment that is up to the challenge.

Automated provisioning, single tenancy, local SSD harddisks for maximum IOPS and access to cheaper storage tiers, all across a 10Gb fibre network, make Redstation’s server hosting the perfect choice for big data crunchers.

NoSQL, No Problem

We’re well versed in the emergence of NoSQL databases and can support you in specifying and implementing infrastructure for both NoSQL and MPP databases. Create privately networked clusters of optimised servers on our low-latency fibre network and unlock the potential of big data analytics.

Secure and Compliant

Big data analytics is frequently performed on highly sensitive, private customer behaviour and transactional data. It’s therefore imperative that your big data cloud resides with a partner that meets the required data security standards for you and your end clients.

Server Specs

Distributed big data solutions like Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra require carefully balanced resources to fully perform. We offer dedicated server models with a wide range of CPU, RAM and disk combinations, meaning you can optimise your cluster with ease.

Zero Contention

There is no hypervisor, no noisy neighbours and no contention for any resources on our bare metal servers. The full performance and IOPs of your servers are yours and yours alone, guaranteeing the best possible performance of NoSQL databases.

Scale with Ease

Have hot-spare systems ready to deploy at no additional cost. Bare metal no longer means inflexibility. With our industry-leading automation, powerful control panels and API, you can access bare metal resources just as you would the virtualised cloud.

Build your bare metal cloud

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