Faster clock speeds are not the solution for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications such as scientific modelling and computation. The massively parallel architecture, zero tolerance on stress testing, and ECC protection of GPU technology offers the fastest possible platform for delivering highly accurate results.

Redstation’s GPU powered supercomputers, with high-speed private networking, are the perfect choice for complex simulations, modelling and data analysis in scientific applications.

Powered by NVidia

Our powerful and extensive range of GPU cloud servers are powered by Nvidia’s enterprise GRID and Tesla cards that utilise CUDA – Nvidia’s parallel computing technology. We hand-picked our server chassis for each GPU configuration to maximise processing capability for all budgets

Unlimited Bandwidth

GRID platforms go hand in hand with large file manipulation and generation, often utilised heavily in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Oil industries. Unlimited data transfer to and from our data centres enables free backup and storage for all your media files

Supercomputer Clouds

Private connectivity between GPU machines needs high-bandwidth, high-throughput technology, sometimes beyond 10Gbit/s. Our infrastructure has this capability out of the box so you can scale out as well as up when using our GPU servers and cloud architecture

Build your bare metal cloud

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