Download | How to Get the Best from WHMCS – A Guide for Hosting Resellers

Our latest download is a cheat sheet that will help you implement WHMCS as your new billing system – guiding you through the installation process and giving you best practice examples of how to effectively use WHMCS.

To successfully run your hosting reseller business, you must devote your attention to sales and marketing activities. However, tracking invoices and managing clients can dominate your workload. The solution is to implement a billing system like WHMCS, via an API on your bare metal cloud.

Implementing a new billing system can be a challenge, but with the right approach, making the change to WHMCS will be well worth it. Luckily, we have created a handy guide highlighting the right approach. The WHMCS guide shows a three step process to successfully implementing WHMCS:

  1. Plan
  2. Communicate
  3. Test

At every stage, the guide provides you with a handy checklist and best practice examples to keep you on the right path to success.

Many companies fail to plan how they will use WHMCS. With the vast community of third-party developers creating numerous add-ons in the WHMCS Marketplace, it’s important that you understand what add-ons your business requires. Make use of WHMCS’s support resources throughout the process, from their FAQs and documentation to tutorial videos. WHMCS prides itself on having the best pre-sales support in their sector, so make sure you utilise this by signing up for free demos and tutorials.

In the communication stage of the process, the guide highlights best practice when it comes to informing your clients of the switch. By notifying your clients well ahead of installation, providing them with details and benefits of WHMCS, there should be no loss in trust.

Once you plan your implementation of WHMCS and communicate this to your clients, it maybe tempting to start using your WHMCS with clients. Although this may work, you run the risk of updates breaking your configuration. To avoid disaster, the guide details the final stage of the process, testing. The guide will suggest you obtain a second licence key for testing and reminds you to run tests after every update.

We know that all hosting resellers companies are different, but our basic framework to successfully implementing WHMCS will lead you down the right path. So don’t hesitate, download our WHMCS guide now.

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