Redstation provides bare metal cloud infrastructure and server hosting for clients who want to administer their environment themselves but have no interest in looking after the hardware or the data centre environment or running their own network (though running your own network inside of our facilities is certainly possible if you wish). We aim to make your life completely worry free and provide a secure, stable environment for your infrastructure, whether it be dedicated servershybrid cloud or colocation.

Service is everything. We pride ourselves on our personal, flexible approach, and we guarantee 100% power and network availability through our SLA. We aim to always exceed your service expectations.

Scope of Support

The base level of support we provide will release you as system administrators to focus on developing and optimising your applications and supporting your end users; we are your facilities, network, and hardware engineers, here to assist with any infrastructure matters.

All of our support staff work at our data centres, and support is available 24x7x365. Telephone and email support is standard, for all customers.

Remote Hands

Our support responses to infrastructure requests are rapid and focus on providing ‘remote hands’ to assist in investigating any issues you encounter – replacing any failed components, provisioning replacement infrastructure, or assisting in troubleshooting any connectivity issues for end-users.

We do not have root logins for your servers once we have performed the initial deployment, so your environment is completely locked down to your own access.

Additional Management

If you wish to extend our involvement, we can offer additional management of any parts of your environment you wish to hand over to us – firewall and threat detection management, multi-site MPLS or VPN connectivity management, load balancing your environment, patch management and security hardening. For any devices that are managed by us, a strict change control process will be implemented and we implement standard ITIL service managament methodologies.

With over 200 support staff in the UK, we have certified teams across a wide range of disciplines: VMware VCPs; Microsoft certified and Linux certified system administrators and database administrators; Cisco and Juniper certified network engineers; AWS and Azure certified system architects, devops and developers; EMC, Dell, OnApp, and PureStorage accredited storage experts. There are very few technologies we cannot provide management for.

Our Commitments

100% network and power availability

Our data centre power and network will be available 100% of the time, and you will be credited per our SLA for every minute it is unavailable as a result of unplanned outages (not including upgrades or planned maintenance). Based on the amount of downtime, credit will vary from 5% to 100% of your invoice.  100% power SLA isn’t applicable to single PSU servers, and network availability excludes packetloss as a result of DDoS or external factors outwith our control.

Bare Metal Server Deployment

The longest amount of time you will have to wait for an auto-deployed bare metal server is 3 hours. This is measured from the time your payment is processed and your order is confirmed.
NB: For custom dedicated servers, defined as a server that is not pre-configured within our auto-deployment system, we may need more time to deliver the server.

First Response to Support Ticket

We will respond to the first ticket within 1 hour. This is measured from the minute your ticket is received by our system and a ticket number is issued.

Ticket Update Frequency

The longest amount of time you will have to wait for an update while we are working on your ticket is 1 hour. This is measured from the last time we responded to the ticket.

Hardware Replacement

The longest amount of time you will have to wait for broken server hardware to be replaced is 90 minutes. This is measured from the time we complete troubleshooting the issue and determine that it is hardware related.

Escalation to Senior Staff Time

You can request an escalation to senior staff at any time, and will wait no more than 90 minutes for the escalation and the senior staff member to make contact.

Control Panel

Our bespoke, award-winning control panel enables you to manage your entire bare metal assets and environment.

The control panel enables all customers to raise tickets for support teams, see all billing information, create customised users for their roles, view networking information for all your servers, control user-access control on private subnets, utilise IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses, and view per-asset and cumulative bandwidth graphs. Its functionality is constantly being enhanced.

Access via an API is also available, for complete integration into your internal systems and into popular billing and customer modules such as WHMCS.

For Servers Control Panel, please login here:

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For Domains and webhosting, please login here:

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