If your applications are hosted with Rackspace, Skyscape, Amazon or Microsoft, and your monthly spend is more than £3,000 or $5,000, we will take the challenge to halve your monthly hosting costs.



  1. Because the large, corporate hosting companies have significant sales and administrative overheads to cover, which do not provide any economies of scale as they grow larger. We do not have those costs, therefore we can deliver the same solution for less.
  2. Because the majority of deployments in to public clouds such as AWS or Azure have not delivered the added value that the organisation wanted. The design of the platform may have been unaware of commercial feasibility, or ignorant of the technical limitations of a standardised public cloud infrastructure.


We will:

Use our certified public cloud architects to provide a high-level review your platform implementation, before we accept the challenge.

Upon acceptance, we will guarantee to halve your monthly hosting bill through a combination of:

  • re-architecting the public cloud environment
  • transitioning workloads to a bare metal cloud environment

… utilising our devops and sysops teams.

And ensure:

  • platform performance does not suffer
  • the platform is fully portable to any cloud environment (i.e. no utilisation of technologies that tie the platform to any vendor)

Build your bare metal cloud

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