CPU intensive gaming workloads are perfectly at home on our hand-picked bare metal servers, as are the applications needed to monitor and optimise performance, monetise moments and deliver advertising.

Bare metal gaming servers on our fibre network deliver the best gaming user experience possible, without exploding your budget. And when gamers flock to you, automated provisioning is there to meet demand.

Lowest Ping FTW

Supercharge your gaming platform with our dedicated servers, featuring your choice of CPUs, RAM and storage, and our high-bandwidth fibre network to ensure that your system is always up to the expectations of your players.

Global Reach

Our global infrastructure is backed up with multiple tier 1 transit and peering partnerships meaning we are able to offer the best possible routes to your players, allowing for multi-region clan players to enjoy the same gaming experience.

Customisable Servers

All our bare metal servers are specified for high performance. But if you need to go even further, we can too. Create completely custom specifications and images for your server hosting and automatically deploy them from our control panel or API.

DDoS-Free Environment

Nothing disrupts more than disgruntled gamers trying to attack the server they’ve just been booted out of. Deliver care-free gaming to your customers, safe in the knowledge that our DDoS protection will prevent those rage-quit moments from affecting the enjoyment of others.

No Noisy Neighbours

Gamers are impatient and don’t tolerate lag for long before moving somewhere else. Bare metal servers make sure that someone else’s workloads can never impair the performance of your machines, ensuring you can always deliver your service and don’t lose customers to problems outside your control.

Bandwidth in Bulk

Gaming businesses are typically bandwidth hungry, making public cloud a costly option. At Redstation, we offer unlimited bandwidth, meaning you can build the platform of your dreams, while managing your costs. Our global peering and transit agreements ensure that we can meet your bandwidth needs anywhere in the world.

Monetisation Matters

Monitoring millions of players and picking the perfect moment to offer in-app purchases or display advertising is a huge, data-intensive process. Having the bandwidth, connectivity and processing power to support this is essential for successful monetisation of your games and their communities.

Build your bare metal cloud

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