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Challenge us to halve your hosting costs
Bare Metal Perfomance by Redstation

Bare Metal Performance

Build out your ideal hosting environment on our bare metal servers – faster than public cloud and up to ten times cheaper.

High bandwidth, low latency fibre networking

High Performance Connectivity

Our nationwide, superfast fibre network provides low-latency massive capacity bandwidth connectivity at any location.

Big data, nosql and analytics application expertise and support

Application Expertise

Whether it's bare metal or public cloud, our solutions architects will help design a platform that ticks all the boxes 

Wholly owned and operated data centres and fibre networking

Wholly Owned Infrastructure

Total end-to-end ownership of our vast infrastructure guarantees rapid responses and the lowest price point for every solution


Privately owned data centres


miles of external fibre connectivity

Trusted by


Unmatched Accreditation

We have embarked upon a mission to ensure all aspects of our infrastructure are built to exacting standards and have been independently verified and accredited to deliver any solution that you have a hosted requirement for. Whether it's for public sector, NHS, financial compliance for FCA regulated companies or PCI-DSS accredited platforms, or adherence to recognised business processes and service frameworks, we are committed to delivering a base infrastructure that can host any highly secure or restricted environment, so the infrastructure certification is not your concern.

We are leading the way on early-adoption of new compliance standards, demonstrating our continued commitment to delivering world class service.

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