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Bare metal cloud servers for analytics and business intelligence applications


Harness the power of latest generation networking and server hardware.

Consultancy and infrastructure to make the most of AWS tools

AWS Services

Consultancy and infrastructure to make the most of AWS tools.

Architect hybid couds combining dedicated bare metal servers

Hybrid Cloud

Architect and deploy a fully secure, hybrid cloud environment.

Bare metal server performance powering your ecommerce business


Deliver 100% uptime and performance to your customers with a tailored eCommerce platform.

Bare metal server performance for gaming platforms


Build and analyse your gaming applications across our premium data centre and network estate.

Bare metal servers accelerate scientific modelling applications

Scientific Modelling

Harness the power of next-generation compute to crunch data faster and with precision.

Public Sector

Fully accredited and certified hosting for government and the public sector.

Bare metal cloud for the scale of the internet of things

Internet of Things

Infrastructure designed to deliver IoT platforms and solutions.

Bare metal performance for finacial applications


Secure and accredited datacentres for regulated platforms.

Relaible and scalable media streaming platforms on bare metal

Media Streaming

10Gbit/s connections for unrivalled speed throughput.

Big data analysis needs bare metal server performance

Big Data

Collect, analyse, and store insights from your data warehousing platform.