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Bring the power of Redstation's IaaS and bare metal cloud to your customers with our Hosting Reseller Programme, ideal for customers providing managed infrastructure or application services, or resellers in different territories.

Automate all of your provisioning for your customers and provide access to Redstation's network and infrastructure by deploying bespoke bare metal environments or volume servers to your clients.  

Whether you want to enhance your existing offering with our dedicated server infrastructure or build your business reselling our platforms, we are open to applications and happy to support ambitious and reliable businesses.

  • Your choice of instantly-deployable server packages
  • Have your specifications in stock for instant ordering
  • Custom OS images available
  • Fully customisable hardware
  • Huge discounts available
  • Priority support for remote hands
  • API-driven integration to your systems
  • Full integration with WHMCS via API 

Discounted Prices

Benefit from tiered discounts across our bare metal infrastructure as your hardware estate grows, in exchange for you providing end-user support for your customers 

Bespoke Packages

Tailor your reseller packages to provide ready-to-go bare metal cloud environments to your customers, or provide customised dedicated servers as a traditional reseller

WHMCS API and Support

Plug-in to our provisioning platform and control panel directly from the world's most popular customer billing engine, WHMCS, or utilise our API to integrate with your own internal systems.

Apply to become a reseller

If you're interested in becoming a Redstation reseller then we want to hear from you.

Please complete the short form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your application.


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