We can tell you how good our data centres are, how fast our network is, and how friendly and helpful our people are, but proof of the pudding is in the eating. So here's what a selection of our customers who already use Redstation have to say.

"Since our servers are the engine of our business, and are critical to the provision of our services, we weren't just looking for a hosting provider: we were looking for a company that was willing to get to know us as people, and which we could trust to take care of our servers, while providing friendly support. Redstation has greatly exceeded these expectations and we can be rest assured that our critical infrastructure will be in very good hands for many years to come"

Jonathon Tripathy
I.T. Solutions Manager
ABPNI Computer Solutions

"Moving my colocated servers to Redstation was a daunting project for us but one that had to be tackled. The service from the old company was becoming virtually nonexistent and their prices were going through the roof. The old company effectively started charging us extortionate sums for bandwidth for backing up our data between servers .We had been at the previous company for some seven years and were stunned at how badly they started to treat their customers.

In contrast the very positive experience we had moving to Redstation made us wish we'd moved years ago. The facilities are so much better, and Redstation staff helped us carry out the move efficiently. In fact they bent over backwards - well beyond the call of duty - during the overnight move. And their prices were cheaper, bandwidth was effectively unlimited, and the improved airflow meant our servers now run much cooler.

Some fantastic insight and suggestions from the Redstation staff meant I finished up with a faster and more stable platform than before for less than half the money I was paying previously. I can't recommend and thank them enough"

Paul Duffield - ITS Magic

"We invited Redstation to pitch as part of a government competitive tender process. In fact we were legally and policy-bound to do this. We sent our technical specification to various hosting companies around the UK and asked for quotations. (We found Redstation via Google.) We then analysed what was returned from the companies and made a choice based on: credit rating, price, hardware/software offered and technical availability. We are extremely happy with the level of service and support provided by Redstation for the past three years"

A Regional Constabulary

"Fast, professional service and helpful support staff"

Local Solicitors

"I chose Redstation for the following reasons. Their facility is based near Portsmouth so it's easy for two of my engineers to get on site and work on our hardware. The previous issues we have had with other data centres being over 50 miles away were the difficulties getting engineers on site. Therefore the increases in remote hands costs and extended down times left us very vulnerable. Costs for additional connectivity and power are more than reasonable. Overall it's their location on the south coast that did it for us"

Software Developers

"We have been working with Redstation since the company opened their Network Operations Centre in 2007. Both of our companies experienced very poor service from a previous network provider and Redstation's decision to invest in creating their own Network Operations Centre and provide this service was refreshing. With the experience of the past, we shared similar goals and opinions for the way a good NOC should be run and just what should be expected from an NOC provider. We were pleased that they invited our input in the process.

We made no hesitation in moving all of our services to the new NOC. The management team have always been friendly and approachable and quick to react and work with us to meet our growing needs and they have become an intrinsic part of our business. We are pleased to have shared in their success, which has seen both of our businesses continue to grow. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them."

Colin Bull - Managing Director
Coloni Ltd

"For Vortini, selecting Redstation as our hosting partner has proved to be an excellent choice. The level of service we have received has been excellent and the reliability has allowed us to meet our service level agreements to our customers with considerable margin. The team at Redstation is first rate at working with us to plan our infrastructure and we are definitely looking at using more services from Redstation as our business grows"

Alan Greenhalgh
Vortini Ltd

"This is my first experience purchasing a server and using colocation, after years of renting with other companies.

I was helped through this process by David Elkington, an expert who helped me through this process, providing excellent advice and service tailored for my specific needs.

My perception of Redstation is that it's a company designed and equipped for scalable solutions, where a client such as myself looking to procure one server is given the same service as a client looking for a much larger implementation.

Redstation was able to give me appropriate and considered advice, and also managed to keep this formal and structured process very friendly. I would absolutely recommend to anyone. "

Spencer-E Elliott
MRM Migration Project Manager
Deutsche Bank AG

Sales Enquiries
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