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"We've found Redstation to provide an excellent level of support, and to be very accommodating of our unique requirements."

ABPNI Case Study ABPNI Case Study

About ABPNI:

Established in 2007, UK-based IT solutions provider ABPNI cater to customers throughout Britain, Ireland, and beyond. Their services include Cloud, Web & Email hosting, as well as managed networking and software solutions.


When ABPNI first contacted Redstation, they were interested in 1U of shared Colocation. They also needed the option to take out more space at a later date if needed, as their long term project plans included the potential for future growth. As ABPNI were looking for a secure data centre with a high data transfer rate, as well as reliable connectivity, they naturally began to focus on facilities that were close to London.


After discussing their options with the sales team, ABPNI decided to opt for a private quarter rack with Redstation; this package would deliver the extra space required for the company's future plans. Almost immediately, APBNI arranged for their servers to be shipped directly to Redstation. With the aid of Redstation's fantastic support staff, these servers were able to go live in a matter of days. As Redstation is only a 30-minute drive from Southampton Airport, APBNI staff found Redstation surprisingly accessible – even though it's 507 miles away from their head office! Within 10 months, ABPNI had upgraded their Colocation package from a quarter rack to a half rack solution, as they decided to centralise their critical infrastructure at Redstation's data centre.

A few words from Jonathan Tripathy - I.T. Solutions Manager:

"Since our servers are the engine of our business, and are critical to the provision of our services, we weren't just looking for a reliable hosting provider: we were looking for a company that was willing to get to know us as people, and which we could trust to take care of our servers, while providing friendly support. Redstation has greatly exceeded these expectations and we can rest assured that our critical infrastructure will be in very good hands for many years to come."

Glow Digital Media Case Study Glow Digital Media Case Study

About Glow Digital Media:

Glow Digital Media develops industrial-scale web applications and marketing strategies for some of the world's most sophisticated internet companies. They create digital marketing business systems, front- and back-end web applications as well as solutions to improve workflow, track ecommerce activity and optimise digital media advertising. Their platform, the Glow Machine, is the world's leading optimisation system for Facebook Ads and is used by customers in Australia, North America and all across Europe.


Glow started off as a Redstation dedicated server customer, but their needs soon expanded when they wanted to add various other servers, including their own, which needed to be integrated within the same environment.


After fully understanding Glow's needs, Redstation created a bespoke solution, which included both managed services and colocation. The result is ½ rack of colocation with 4 amps of power, a 15TB data transfer limit and a 16 port switch. The rack includes five of Glow's own servers, along with an additional three Dell PowerEdge R210s rented from Redstation.

A few words from Harel at Glow Digital Media:

"As our operations grew in size we found that we required more physical nodes to act as workers for our backend operations - and we're likely to require more as we grow further. As our hardware requirements were quite modest, we decided to bring our own servers into the data centre instead of leasing more powerful machines. Redstation managed to connect our colocated servers into the same network as our managed servers, allowing the two environments to interoperate seamlessly. This provided us a very cost effective solution to support our fast growth rate. We've found Redstation to provide an excellent level of support, and to be very accommodating of our unique requirements."

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