Connectivity Overview

Whether you need affordable, high quality connectivity, or diverse connections to UK and European destinations, Redstation has the answers.


Redstation offers an affordable and flexible range of IP transit solutions, including Tier 1, Partial and Full IP transit, to ensure your IP traffic flows freely between your servers and the internet.

Redstation's super-fast network includes the following:

  • 1 AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) 10 Gbps Link
  • 1 LINX (London Internet Exchange) 20 Gbps Link
  • 1 TATA 10 Gbps Link
  • 2 TeliSonera 10 Gbps Link
  • 2 NTT 10 Gbps Links
  • 1 Level 3 10 Gbps Link
  • 1 Deutsche Telekom 10 Gbps Link


You can find out more about Redstation's IP transit options on these pages, or call us on 0800 622 6655 to talk about our great connections.

IP Transit: Prices & Options

Tier 1 Transit

We now offer excellent routing to Tier 1 networks at a very competitive rate.

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Full Transit

Full IP Transit lets our customers connect to Redstation's own multiple Tier 1 routes to various UK & European locations.

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Partial Transit

Redstation's Partial Transit offers affordable, selective internet connections.

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Our Network

Redstation's network also boasts a 40 Gbps diverse ring around our London POPs providing excellent redundancy.

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Sales Enquiries
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