Our Company

Founded in 1998, today Redstation manages thousands of servers, hosting thousands of critical websites, email accounts and other applications, for clients in more than 150 countries.

Our growth has in no small part been down to our investment in what are some of the best data centre and network facilities around: our first custom built 'Redstation Rack Centre' opened in Gosport, Hampshire - where our administrative offices are also situated - in 2007.

It was swiftly followed by our second 5,000 sq ft facility in 2010. The new data centre was designed, built and purchased outright by Redstation. It's roughly double the size of the first, and makes use of the latest technology, including Free Cooling © from GEA Denco, making it a much greener solution.

Both our Hampshire data centres provide N+1 uninterruptible power supplies and cooling, backup generators, multiple data lines in an east/west configuration, 24x7x365 access - in fact, all the facilities you would expect from a custom built, state-of-the-art facility.

Redstation is a part of the iomart Group plc, the UK’s leading cloud computing and hosting company

Finding answers

The other critical part of our success has been our investment in employing just the right people - people who are equally passionate about the industry and enthusiastic about finding the right answers. We enjoy investing time into really understanding clients' needs, and then devising innovative and appropriate solutions - whether it's to fit within a tight budget or designing 'the very best solution out there'.

What are your questions?

So if you're after best-in-class hosting for your website, secure colocation facilities for your mission-critical data and equipment, a dedicated Dell server assembled and connected the same day, or perhaps a more flexible solution to meet your own individual needs, why not put us to the test? We'll be more than pleased to talk it all through - even arrange to show you round the data centres if you like - and to have the opportunity to prove that our commitment and quality of service amount to far more than just words on a webpage.

Sales Enquiries
To discuss your requirements call us on 0800 622 6655 or email sales@redstation.com