Green Credentials

When you choose Redstation, you can rest assured that we're one of the greenest options in the industry.

Green Credentials
Climate change & Redstation

In fact, with ever-present concerns about global warming, we're proud to have made the move to energy that comes from 100% renewable sources, and we're delighted to say that our operation is now completely carbon neutral. Which is great news for everyone.

Juice; Npowers renewable energy

Green energy & carbon neutral servers

We've been offering top quality, carbon-neutral Dell servers since the start, and now our data centres are powered by certified green energy. This green electricity is generated from a number of renewable energy sources, including offshore wind farms, hydro and solar photovoltaic sources. Our energy supplier also makes sure that for every unit of electricity used, the same amount generated by renewable sources is fed back into the electricity network. Redstation's energy supplier is also supporting the development of new carbon-free and renewable energy sources for the future.

Cold aisle containment system

Improved cooling & reduced power consumption

Our new green data centre uses the very latest technology to make it extremely energy efficient.

Redstation uses Denco's Ambicool system, which utilises the external air temperature to maintain indirect free cooling.

With both Denco Ambicool systems and variable speed plug fans in place, at Redstation we've also gone the extra mile by using Cannon Technologies revolutionary "Cold Aisle Cocoon"; this vastly increases cooling efficiency by only cooling within the cold aisle corridor and not the entire room. The end result is that our cooling system is 40% more energy efficient than a traditional data centre.

The cold aisle enclosure results in a much more controlled environment for the data centre and the installed equipment, with significant energy savings – therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

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